REALTECH Investor Relations

Annual review 2001


REALTECH announces "theGuard! System Management Solution" for application and network management, which combines all previous individual solutions in a single integrated package.

At the international level, REALTECH successfully completes mySAP CRM projects for Fiat GSA in Italy as well as for Air Liquide and KSB AG in Germany.

REALTECH and SAP intensify their strategic cooperation. As the first "Global Alliance Partner Support" for worldwide, REALTECH provides companies with consulting services on how to draw maximum benefit from the SAP e-business platform.

REALTECH organizes a podium discussion on the topic "The future of Baden-Württemberg as a high-tech location". Participants include Klaus von Trotha, the science and research minister of the Stuttgart state government.

REALTECH receives a positive response from specialist visitors, customers, and business partners for its appearance at CeBIT 2001, where the company focussed its presentations on technology consulting for and REALTECH's innovative software solution theGuard!.

The balance sheet press conference and the first conference of DVFA analysts for the year 2001 take place in Frankfurt on March 30th.

In the immediate vicinity of the current head office in Walldorf, REALTECH begins to construct a new company building, set to provide numerous new workplaces in the summer of 2002.

Another demanding financial service provider becomes a new customer as REALTECH assumes responsibility for operating the IT systems of Diners Club Europe.

Thanks to assistance from REALTECH, the cosmetics division at Henkel AG has successfully implemented the mySAP Business Warehouse solution. REALTECH thus plays an essential part in ensuring that managers of the Dusseldorf corporation will in future be able to access clear and transparent company key figures when making strategic and operative decisions.

On June 7th, REALTECH welcomes twice as many stockholders to its annual general meeting in Wiesloch than the year before. The 300 participants reach decisions on all items on the agenda - including the changeover of two of the three members of the Supervisory Board.

REALTECH continues to grow and hires its 600th employee in this month.

A strategic alliance brings a wind of change to REALTECH's business in America as the company cooperates with Nexus Technology, Inc., a certified SAP service and hosting partner.

Daniele Di Croce, spokesperson for the Managing Board, resigns his position as Chief Financial Office to assume responsibility for Sales and Marketing. The Supervisory Board appoints Michael Knopp, previously a commercial manager, as the new Chief Financial Officer. Roland Weishaupt, a member of the Managing Board, leaves the company of his own accord.

DaimlerChrysler chooses to implement software from REALTECH. Using the IM/3 interface software, the automotive group seamlessly connects its SAP solution for product development and manufacturing with other internal software applications.

REALTECH's Executive Meeting 2001 is held in Milan under the motto "Sharing e-xperience". Over 200 decision-makers from numerous companies, such as Compaq, SAP, Unisys, and Microsoft, discuss current technologies and trends.

REALTECH becomes a "Global Technology Partner" of SAP. This intensified technology partnership focuses on integrating REALTECH's theGuard! software into solutions in the product family.

Version 2.1 of theGuard! Application Manager is launched. The numerous new features include the first monitoring function worldwide for the software solutions mySAP CRM and mySAP APO from SAP AG.

theGuard! ApplicationManager wird in der Version 2.1 ausgeliefert. Zu den zahlreichen Neuerungen zählt die weltweit erste Überwachungsfunktion für die Software-Lösungen mySAP CRM und mySAP APO der SAP AG.

Following the success of its Spanish branch, REALTECH also enters the growth market of Portugal, where it founds a new 100-per-cent subsidiary based in Lisbon to concentrate primarily on providing consultancy services for companies implementing and operating solutions.

REALTECH begins to offer its theGuard! Helpdesk software also on a rental basis via the Internet. In order to reduce downtime in their IT systems, customers access a service center operated in REALTECH's computer center, together with a knowledge database, subject to excellent, plannable conditions.

A strategic partnership with Consulting Alliance International (CAI) strengthens the company's presence in the Asia-Pacific region. This consortium, made up of IMC Consulting Alliance (Indonesia), Compass Consulting Alliance (Malaysia), and Symphony Consulting Alliance (Thailand), works with REALTECH in shared consultancy projects and supports the company's software distribution.

SAP officially appoints REALTECH as a "Special Expertise Partner mySAP CRM", a status received only by companies that have demonstrated their competence in successful mySAP CRM projects and whose consultants meet high standards in terms of qualifications and experience.

REALTECH continues its tradition of open financial communications. At the second conference of DVFA analysts of the year, the company describes its expectations for the current fiscal year and provides a detailed outlook for the year 2002.

The technology partnership with memory specialists EMC Corporation from Hopkinton, Massachusetts/USA bears fruit, as is demonstrated by the fact that the two companies have worked in close collaboration to add special data collectors for the Symmetrix technology from EMC to "theGuard! System Management Solutions" software.

REALTECH launches theGuard! SystemManagementPortal, a solution to provide continuous monitoring of SAP system infrastructures. This new software integrates all the advantages of REALTECH's theGuard! ApplicationManager, theGuard! NetworkManager, theGuard! InventoryManager, and theGuard! Helpdesk to form a powerful, Web-based solution with quick, extensive, and correlated problem-solving functions for all user groups in an IT department.