REALTECH Investor Relations

Annual review 2009


1st Quarter

Even more important to control business processes
REALTECH started 2009 with a study on business process management. Here companies will find sound information on how they can achieve more efficient management of business processes, working together with REALTECH, their consultancy partner. The study has been carried out in conjunction with the highly regarded market researchers of Lünendonk GmbH.

Excellent start
If it was all about efficient implementation of SAP solutions, REALTECH would have been playing in the Champions League for years. The regular certificates awarded by SAP are proof of this: at the start of 2009 REALTECH was awarded the “Run SAP” certificate, which is a seal of approval confirming to customers the high quality of advice provided by SAP partners.

Software development simplified
REALTECH gives SAP developers a head start with its SyncAssist software solution, which helps IT departments to install new applications throughout the company. This product allows the fully automated implementation of SAP applications – fault free at all of a company’s sites.

New team line-up
REALTECH is creating a new company structure. The consultancy and software businesses have each been transferred to independent operative units, whereas the public limited company is the holding company responsible for the strategic management of companies based in Germany and abroad. The clear organizational division makes it easier for business areas to define strategic goals and to pursue these, thus facilitating further growth.


2nd Quarter

Defense is better than attack
The German Federal Armed Forces have chosen theGuard! NetworkManager as the solution to manage their wide-area networks. REALTECH played a successful role in a major project implemented by EADS for the German Federal Armed Forces and contributed its innovative solution for controlling and managing permanently installed and mobile data networks.

Shareholder meeting
REALTECH AG’s tenth General Meeting was a harmonious event. The decision to pay a dividend of 50 cents a share was good news for all shareholders.

SEP – Valuable partnership
The abbreviation SEP stands for the Special Expertise Partner award. REALTECH has been awarded this very special and exclusive partner status by SAP in as many as five product categories. This highlights the high quality and service standards offered by REALTECH.

Atos Origin optimizes operation of computer center
The international IT service provider Atos Origin uses REALTECH’s software to improve the operation of company-critical SAP solutions. Atos Origin’s customers therefore profit from improved services and SAP systems that are more stable to operate.


3rd Quarter

Powerful driver for IT systems at MTU
The good performance of IT solutions developed in-house is a crucial factor in the success of MTU, the prestigious engineering company based in Friedrichshafen. REALTECH’s theGuard! products help MTU to automate processes in their own computer center and to monitor their IT systems efficiently.

New image for theGuard!
The key software solution – theGuard! – is gaining a new strategic direction. This means, for instance, that the different individual products are being grouped together to create a new integrated solution. The advantage for customers is that the carefully matched components complement each other perfectly and therefore offer clear added value when it comes to end-to-end IT management.

Partnership with Novell
A successful strategy for reducing IT operating costs is to change to the operating system Linux, which does not incur a license fee. REALTECH is opening a modern research facility in Walldorf with Novell, the IT supplier that specializes in Linux. Here both companies work with customers to produce individual procedures for operating SAP systems on Linux-based computers.


4th Quarter

Share knowledge and create new relationships
REALTECH is informing interested companies about current themes relating to SAP at a series of events throughout Germany. One of the topics REALTECH covers at specialist conferences is how changes to business processes can be mapped quickly and easily using SAP solutions. These events are supplemented by webinars, where interested parties can also take part in presentations and video conferences via the Internet.

Industry meetings for SAP users
Every year SAP’s customers meet at the annual congress of the German-speaking SAP user group (DSAG). The 2009 meeting was held in Bremen, where around 3,000 visitors discussed strategies and new features relating to SAP solutions. This forum provides REALTECH with crucial information on current trends, which the company can then convert into specific consultancy solutions and products.

SAP tuning for Texas
The administration of Tarrant County in the US State of Texas has chosen the expert services of REALTECH’s American subsidiary to operate its SAP systems. This agreement covers services valued at a million dollars and the aim is to help the SAP systems to operate more efficiently and enhance performance.

Capgemini Outsourcing Services GmbH is using REALTECH’s theGuard! ApplicationManager in its own computer center in order to optimize its IT services around the operation of SAP solutions. For Cap Gemini customers this means higher quality services and support and improved overall performance of their SAP systems.