The Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, cloud, big data, and smart data are rewriting the rules of business. Agile startups and digital corporations are on the offensive in almost every market. Now it is up to you to make your business even more effective: "empower your enterprise" is the new guiding principle for leaders and managers.


Having REALTECH at your side will make a difference in your company's effectiveness: As a leading provider of IT and enterprise service management solutions with unique SAP expertise we will lead and guide you on your path to digital transformation – and we will do so efficiently and reliably with our software products, expertise in technology and processes, and expert consulting and implementation services.


SAP Solution Manager Consulting

Webinar: OS/DB MIgrations

October 5th @ 2 PM EST


Whatever the reason for needing to migrate your SAP systems, chances are that you are under considerable cost and time pressure - and you need the job done right. REALTECH has certified migration consultants that can help your organization through this process.

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How to better plan and securely implement changes

Improving the Quality of SAP Change & Transport Management

SAP Change Management

Why Automation is the Best Practice for SAP Changes, in conjunction with Microsoft


theGuard! SmartChange

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theGuard! SmartChange helps companies implement seamless and robust processes for their SAP change and transport management.