Secure Cloud Adoption With REALTECH

A growing number of companies are turning to the cloud to increase their business flexibility, agility, and efficiency. Are you still looking for a cloud strategy that is right for your company? Do you need an experienced partner who will help you navigate your way into the cloud? Then you should talk to us.


What We Do

REALTECH is your partner when it comes to building and implementing a cloud strategy that is tailored to the specific needs of your business – whether you need us to deliver select cloud scenarios or are looking to migrate your entire system environment to the cloud. We will also be happy to migrate your SAP systems to the cloud and run them for you as part of our Managed Services offering.

Which cloud strategy is right for you? Find out with us.

Your Advantages at a Glance

Cloud computing makes it easy to access servers, storage, databases, and applications through the internet. Cloud customers benefit in many ways:


Optimized Cost

From CAPEX to OPEX: Turn investment costs into pay-per-use costs.

Having a cloud vendor provide, manage, and maintain the infrastructure for you means you get to benefit from the ability to scale up and down on demand.

More Flexibility

You can choose to add more capacity exactly when you need it, for example to handle peak loads with ease.

And you are able to quickly deploy temporary SAP systems, for example for training, migration, or upgrade purposes or within the context of mergers and acquisitions.

More Agility and Speed

New IT resources are available almost instantly, allowing you to seize business opportunities and implement processes accordingly and to pursue once unprofitable scenarios, such as using SAP HANA systems for simulation purposes.