REALTECH Assessment Services

SAP Licence Assessment

Do away with unnecessary licenses

Many companies purchase a much larger number of SAP licenses than they actually need to avoid subsequent licensing disputes with SAP. And according to the German-speaking SAP user group license management for SAP is rather difficult and highly complex. REALTECH has the solution: The SAP License Assessment will give you an independent delta analysis of the SAP licenses you use and actually need.

What We Do For You

We will look at the effective intensity of usage in your SAP systems to determine your overall license inventory. The threshold for the use of license-relevant transactions can be measured with a granularity of one day.

Over a measurement period of two to three months, we will create a usage profile for license-relevant transactions. The associated costs are then compared with the existing license inventory by dividing users into three cost-relevant groups: developer, limited, and full professional.

Prior to the analysis, relevant users are separated from blocked, inactive, or less active users. Users who run transactions that are very similar in content can be combined into a group of special users.

Following the analysis, users are in turn filtered in multiple systems in a way that ensures that you can use your systems to the fullest extent with as few licenses as possible.

Your Advantages

The REALTECH License Assessment helps you uncover available licenses to support future growth and minimize the need to purchase additional licenses.