REALTECH Assessment Services

REALTECH System Assessment for SAP

Assess the Technical Performance of your SAP Systems


Are you interested in finding out how powerful your SAP system really is when compared to the rest of the market? What about system availability, response times, or the number of terminations, are they within expectation or is there room for optimization? 

Our Solution

The REALTECH System Assessment service was developed to assess the performance and quality of your SAP systems in comparison to the rest of the market and to uncover and leverage opportunities for optimization. We will compare the quality and performance of your SAP systems in a benchmark with thousands of reference systems. 

What we do for you

REALTECH's System Assessment involves three steps to success:


The first step is to measure your SAP systems and collect reliable data on their current situation.


After that, we analyze the performance and quality of your SAP systems in comparison to the market. In doing so, we can rely on comparative values from more than 4,200 reference systems that have already been measured. In order to give you objective and actionable benchmark results, we will only use those SAP systems for comparison that match the complexity and usage scenario of your system.


Based on this comparison, we will recommend a course of action – drawing on our many years of experience to give you specific and proven recommendations that you can act on right away. You can also choose to have our experienced SAP consultants assist you in the implementation. 

Your Advantages at a Glance

A Fair Comparison to Help you Understand your Current Situation

The REALTECH System Assessment service helps you systematically optimize your SAP system and successfully face the market. Let us conduct the market comparison and find out where your system stands. Gain valuable insights and make informed decisions as to the future of your SAP systems.

Efficient Spending

Use the benchmark to emphasize the strengths of your systems, allowing you to pave the way for the changes you need and to make worthwhile investment decisions.

Better Performance

Improve the satisfaction of your users and deliver the services they need even with limited resources by optimizing the performance and stability of your systems.

More Accurate Planning over the Long Term

Obtain an in-depth look into your systems, enabling you to optimize in-house developments, consolidate systems, or move to larger-scale roll-outs.

Unique SAP Expertise

Work with a partner with many years of experience in the SAP ecosystem: REALTECH has been an SAP Special Expertise Partner since its foundation in 1994 and enjoys an excellent reputation in the industry. 

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