Change Control Management 

Ensure Audit Trails Are Produced for Any Changes to Your SAP System Landscapes 


The more complex the SAP system landscape, the more difficult it usually is to keep on top of all changes to SAP systems and applications. Being able to track such changes, however, is a major concern – especially when it comes to ensuring audit trails and operational integrity. This makes it imperative for companies to have a change control management system in place that is able to document all changes from the initial request to the approval process and final decision.  

With SAP Solution Manager, customers get the perfect tool to fully satisfy these requirements. It tracks the entire lifecycle of application changes – from documenting the request to transporting new or modified functionality into the production system. Its change request management (ChaRM) process is aligned with IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices and ensures the thorough and audit-proof documentation of all functional changes that affect the system landscape. An end-to-end overview of all related transports and documentation delivers a seamless user experience and reduces the risk of error.  

SAP Solution Manager covers the documentation as well as the entire workflow of the change process. Comprehensive reporting on the changes themselves is complemented by information on the change status, allowing for efficient IT controlling. 


What We Do for You 

We will work with you to create a change control management process that suits your individual requirements and assist you in implementing this process in SAP Solution Manager. 

Our SAP consultants have many years of expertise and experience acquired from a multitude of successful SAP Solution Manager projects. REALTECH is considered a leading consulting firm in the SAP Solution Manager field in Germany. We have forged a strong partnership with SAP and some of our employees contribute their expertise to SAP's Active Global Support.