Compliant Identity & Access Management

Protect Your Enterprise With a Secure IT Environment


Rely on REALTECH to increase the security of your business-critical SAP applications and minimize the risks posed by unauthorized access and data theft. Tap into our many years of expertise in SAP-related identity & access management. We help you implement SAP landscapes that comply with audit trail requirements, ease the burden on your IT staff, and protect your enterprise. You will benefit from maximum IT security while minimizing risk and cost.

We will work with you to ensure that your employees will always have the authorizations needed to perform their daily work and that they will lose these authorizations once their responsibilities change. Companies need an intelligent identity management strategy to centralize and automate the assignment of authorizations. Authorization workflows ensure traceability and the fulfillment of compliance requirements, while mitigating security risks, for example by avoiding conflicts in the segregation of duties (SOD). A seamless single sign-on experience makes logins to frequently used applications more secure and user friendly. Another benefit is the encryption of data traffic, for example between the SAP client and the SAP server, to help prevent the risks that can arise from the misuse of data.

What We Do for You

  • Create and implement authorization concepts for your SAP applications that provide complete audit trails
  • Design and implement suitable tools to ensure fulfillment of compliance requirements and to review SoD conflicts (e.g. SAP Access Control)
  • Build and implement compliant emergency user scenarios
  • Prepare and introduce SAP NetWeaver Identity Management
  • Define and implement user self-services and the required authorization workflows
  • Design and implement central user and authentication mechanisms using Single Sign-On
  • Support the selection and implementation of suitable solutions (e.g. SAP Single Sign-On)
  • Enable data encryption between SAP users and SAP applications

Your Advantages

  • Eliminate potential findings in SAP audits through the implementation of authorization concepts that meet today's requirements.
  • Increase your IT security with custom-tailored role authorizations ("principle of least privilege"), audit-compliant emergency plans, and the minimization of conflicts in the segregation of duties.
  • Ensure traceability of all authorization management activities.
  • Improve your security posture with consistent and transparent user lifecycle processes and audit-ready authorization workflows whose execution can be audited and logged.
  • Eliminate the need of having to repeatedly log in to systems with different authorization procedures.
  • Benefit from securely encrypted data traffic.
  • Reduce service desk workload associated with password reset requests.
  • Drive user productivity, for example with single sign-on.
  • Maximize security by preventing password abuse.



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