SAP Architecture Analysis and Consulting

Strategic and Forward-thinking Architecture Consulting to Deliver the Best Possible SAP Architectures


Has your system environment grown over time and are the administrative hassles associated with it driving up the costs of your IT operations? Would you like to optimize your SAP architecture? 

What we do for you

REALTECH gives companies a vendor-neutral analysis of their existing IT infrastructures and helps them develop and implement SAP architectures that best meet their requirements.

Working with REALTECH, your architecture will become highly efficient and available. We will reduce the complexity in your IT organization and create an SAP architecture that is scalable and able to meet future demands.

We focus on solving your problem at hand – we specialize in consulting and are not driven by hardware or license sales. We are not compromised by the interests of individual OS, DB, or hardware vendors. Our experts will involve you in every step of the project, allowing you to make adjustments as we move along.

We will carefully analyze your IT infrastructure and identify bottlenecks based on our findings. REALTECH's experts will translate the requirements of your business departments into a long-term SAP strategy. Based on it, we will work with you to develop specific recommendations and a concept for your SAP target architecture. We will also be happy to assist you in the successful implementation of the concept. 

Our Consulting Focus:

  •  Obtain an overview of the current state of your IT infrastructure
  •  Detect weak, risky, obsolete, or costly technologies.
  •  Develop specific recommendations, create and implement a roadmap 

Your Advantages at a Glance

  •  Optimized and scalable architecture to future-proof your operations
  •  Specific recommendations to secure your investment
  •  Realistic roadmap and transparent costing of your options to achieve a rapid ROI