HANA Migration Quality Check

Tap the full potential of the HANA database


Inspired by trends like big data and Industry 4.0, many companies are looking to analyze large amounts of data in real time. Moreover, they are also faced with the question of whether they will still be able to compete on the market without the advantages of a HANA database. We are aware that a migration will not always contribute to improving system performance and even has the potential to slow down business processes. That is why we will provide you with a general assessment of the risks involved and of the opportunities for improvement that an SAP HANA migration can produce.

What We Do For You

REALTECH's HANA Migration Quality Check will enable you to exploit the full potential of the HANA database for your specific business processes.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) allow us to characterize the production system based on a before-and-after comparison. We combine these KPIs with additional performance data to give you an assessment of HANA database performance from a variety of perspectives. And by giving you an individual overview of timelines and correlations, we will identify risks and areas for optimization in the production system that could arise in the post-migration phase. The HANA Migration Quality Check also includes recommendations to ensure that your business will fully benefit from the speed at which the HANA database operates.

Your Advantages

The HANA Migration Quality Check allows you to counteract the pitfalls that sometimes accompany a HANA migration. We will carry out a market comparison with systems that have already been successfully migrated to make the most of the performance enhancements in the SAP system. Risks that were introduced into the production system as a result of the HANA migration are identified and eliminated.