REALTECH Assessment Services

SAP System Assessment

Minimizing the Risks of Business Impacts – Optimizing SAP Systems


Poorly performing SAP production systems will eventually cost a company revenue and reputation. SAP systems with fast response times, however, will help a company be even more successful. Our SAP consultants will deliver recommendations tailored to your specific needs and systems to help you exploit opportunities for optimization.

By implementing our detailed recommendations, you can take the performance and stability of your system to the next level. Our experience shows that this allows our customers to capitalize on existing savings opportunities, minimize the risk of system failures, increase user satisfaction, and improve their reputation


What We Do For You

REALTECH will measure your SAP system over the course of at least four weeks to analyze its performance and stability. Our SAP consultants will not only analyze your systems and develop detailed and individualized recommendations that reflect your specific situation, but also objectively compare your systems with other SAP systems on the market. Their results are communicated in a management presentation based on our proprietary REALTECH System Index (RSI).

Our SAP System Assessment is available in three packages: S, M (measures 3 SIDs), and L (measures 6 SIDs).

Your Advantages

Objective assessment of your SAP systems: Our SAP System Assessment provides you with an independent analysis of your SAP systems. They take an integrated software and service approach to measure SAP systems and compare them to more than 4,200 reference systems.

In-depth insights for informed decision-making: Based on the findings of the assessment and best practice recommendations you can make informed decisions regarding the optimization of the SAP systems we measured.

Systematic exploitation of existing opportunities for optimization: The recommendations drawn up by our seasoned SAP consultants enable you to systematically exploit optimization opportunities. Our offering is designed to deliver maximum value with minimal effort on your part.