SAP Code Profiling

Effective and Efficient Identification of Security, Compliance, and Quality Issues in ABAP Code


Enhancements and modifications to SAP applications to reflect a company's specific requirements are commonplace and cannot be avoided. Analyses have shown that, on average, there is at least on major problem within every 1,000 lines of ABAP code that could potentially compromise the efficiency or security of SAP systems. 

Our Solution

The Code Profiling module in theGuard! SmartChange makes it easy to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities and inefficient ABAP code.

It delivers maximum value when combined with the Transport Management module. By integrating its built-in code checks with the transport management workflow, companies can automatically ensure that the ABAP code that is imported into the connected SAP systems meets their security and quality standards. 

Feature Summary

Automated Checks of ABAP Code

The solution is seamlessly integrated with SAP and now has more than 240 test cases to help ensure that applications written in ABAP are free from security flaws, compliance issues, and quality deficiencies. Its global data and control flow analysis is complemented by additional plausibility checks to significantly drive down the false positive rate.

Automatic Prioritization and Thorough Documentation of Results

Any identified weaknesses and vulnerabilities are automatically prioritized and documented. This gives developers, heads of development, project managers, IT and IT security officers as well as auditors and financial controllers full transparency with respect to any security, compliance, and quality risks in the reviewed ABAP code.

Integrated with SAP's Change and Transport Management

By combining this module with the Transport Management module and integrating the code checks with the transport management workflow, companies can avoid the risks that vulnerabilities and flaws pose to their productive SAP systems. 

Your Advantages at a Glance

The Code Profiling module in theGuard! SmartChange delivers significant improvements in the security, compliance, and quality of applications written in ABAP.

Companies no longer have to make corrections after the fact, allowing them to reduce maintenance costs and downtime of SAP systems.

This results in performance enhancements, which in turn reduces the load on the hardware and improves user satisfaction.

By avoiding security and compliance risks, companies also get to better protect themselves from hackers and system failures.

By automating these processes and workflows, they can make manual intervention a thing of the past and reduce the time and resources they spend on development work. What's more, its integration with SAP's change and transport management allows them to set security, compliance, and quality standards for in-house and external developments.