Reliable, Transparent, and Automated Execution of ABAP and non-ABAP Transports


Companies are often faced with the challenge of dealing with limited resources while having to find ever quicker ways to adapt their increasingly complex SAP systems to new and evolving requirements. Regardless of whether this involves small modifications or complex development work, they need an easy, fast, and risk-free way to transfer any related SAP transports from the development systems to the target systems. As the complexity of SAP system landscapes and the number and scope of the necessary changes increases, so does the necessity of having to support the implementation of changes with the right IT tools. 


Our Solution

This is where REALTECH's Transport Management module for theGuard! SmartChange comes in: It allows companies to transport any changes, for example to development objects in the ABAP Workbench or Customizing, to the corresponding target systems without jeopardizing the availability of mission-critical SAP applications. 

Feature Summary

Customizable and automated workflows and processes: The distribution of the transports is automated and synchronized based on predetermined target paths and taking into account any release and approval workflows, regardless of how complex and dynamic the SAP environment is.

Centralized Transport Management:
Users get a single pane of glass to monitor transport processes and approve transports.

Comprehensive Reporting:
theGuard! SmartChange comes integrated with a reporting environment with comprehensive configuration and drill-down capabilities that delivers reports down to the object level (e.g. the top 10 changed objects).

Automated Documentation:
Changes are automatically documented to provide complete audit trails and can be tracked at all times.

Built-in Quality Assurance:
With its comprehensive automated checks (see figure) theGuard! SmartChange is able to avoid common risks to productive SAP systems. Collision checks are in place to indicate any overlapping objects in different transport request that pose the risk of overtakers. Transports can also be checked for pre-determined critical objects or dependencies. On top of that, theGuard! SmartChange 2013 introduced an option for checking transports for completeness. It checks whether any objects required for a change are present in the transport request or in the target system before the import into the target system is initiated. This helps avoid errors and downtime in production systems that result from missing objects or wrong object versions. In addition, a Code Profiling module is available to check ABAP code in transport objects for potential vulnerabilities and other flaws. 

Your Advantages at a Glance

The Transport Management module in theGuard! SmartChange lets companies significantly improve the efficiency, security, and quality of their SAP change and transport management, while giving them complete transparency and audit trails.

Its automated workflows and processes, built-in checks, and comprehensive monitoring and reporting capabilities significantly reduce the time, money, and risk involved in the change process.

It eliminates potentially dangerous transports, e.g. any transports that contain overtakers, helping avoid system failures and the need for follow-up work. By ensuring adherence to pre-built workflows and processes, IT teams have to spend less time coordinating their efforts and checking for potential problems. At the same time, it helps them meet compliance requirements. And its high level of automation, for example when it comes to automating the distribution or the import of transports, reduces the need for time-consuming manual work. 

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