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Free REALTECH security check for SAP applications

New REALTECH offering helps IT managers make their SAP applications faster and more secure.

Walldorf, August 22, 2012 - REALTECH AG, a provider of software solutions for enterprise-wide IT management and SAP consultancy, has launched a new offering specifically designed for SAP user companies. theGuard! SmartChange, a software solution that, among other things, specializes in code profiling, analyzes selected stretches of code in SAP applications that were either developed in-house or by third parties to check for vulnerabilities and weaknesses. This creates a level of transparency that helps IT managers identify security and processing issues in their applications that require immediate attention and act accordingly.

Making SAP applications secure with optimized custom code
Most customers use SAP's ABAP programming language (Advanced Business Application Programming) to add custom features to their standard SAP business applications. Highly complex dependencies in the program code, however, carry a particularly high risk of errors or oversights that are not immediately apparent but manifest themselves in poor application performance or in exploitable vulnerabilities. Analyses by REALTECH have shown that there is at least on major problem within every 2,000 lines of code.

During the REALTECH security check for SAP systems, theGuard! SmartChange will automatically check a defined stretch of ABAP code for programming routines that have a negative impact on the robustness, security, and performance of the SAP application. Questionable code sections are summarized in a report that provides an overview of the categorization and prioritization of the findings. This provides IT managers with immediate visibility into the effects on the security and efficiency of their SAP systems and highlights areas where they need to take immediate action.

Achieving lasting improvements in efficiency and security
In a second step, the results of the REALTECH security check for SAP systems serve as a basis for the targeted elimination of the found vulnerabilities. The software has a built-in error correction feature that fixes two-thirds of the identified vulnerabilities. More complicated findings can be addressed by experienced ABAP developers on the customer side or by REALTECH's experts.

SAP user companies that take advantage of the full range of code profiling opportunities offered by theGuard! SmartChange can boost the quality, security, and performance of their ABAP applications while reducing critical system downtime in their SAP production systems to a minimum. The solution can also help them comply with company and regulatory requirements and meet international compliance standards. Moreover, theGuard! SmartChange provides them with better visibility and insight into the quality of third-party software developments.

Registration for the REALTECH security check for SAP applications is free of charge and can be completed online at






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