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Sapphire NOW / SAP TechEd 2012: REALTECH to present new change management software for SAP

New theGuard! SmartChange software gives SAP administrators secure, efficient, and automated control of change management projects.

Walldorf, November 09, 2012REALTECH AG, a provider of software solutions for enterprise-wide IT management and a SAP consultancy, will present its new theGuard! SmartChange solution at this year's Sapphire NOW and SAP TechED between November 13-16, 2012 in Madrid. The new software allows IT departments and IT managers to improve the quality, speed, and efficiency of their SAP change management projects and gives them standardized IT processes that will increase the stability of enterprise-wide SAP landscapes.

All changes, for example in the context of SAP system enhancements, system upgrades or release upgrades can be planned, managed, and controlled with theGuard! SmartChange. It automates the IT processes involved, providing SAP application developers and administrators with a rapid and straightforward way to implement the requests of the business departments. The new change management solution provides the various roles involved, that is developers, testers, application experts, and decision makers, with exactly the information they need to complete the specific task at hand. All project stakeholders can see right away how a planned change to the SAP systems will affect the applications and business processes involved. The information delivered by the software also helps IT managers identify and eliminate any threats to the availability of their systems ahead of time.

The components theGuard! SmartChange are delivered as individual modules that cover the different change management disciplines:

  • Change process management

The change process management component delivers a high level of automation to reduce the time your users have to spend defining processes and handling day-to-day operations. Process templates for standard change and release requests and emergency scenarios that were created based on extensive project experience let customers benefit from in-depth expert knowledge, giving them the ability to define the necessary processes in a rapid and straightforward way. Thanks to extensive process checklists, the solution remains flexible enough to respond to individual requirements despite its high level of standardization. Its extensive reporting capabilities support users in the continuous optimization of their change management processes.

  • Transport management

The transport management module ensures the automatic distribution of all program and data modifications of ABAP and Java applications within the SAP systems. Authorization concepts and workflows that can be tailored to individual needs control the secure import of changes into distributed SAP system landscapes. Comprehensive collision checks ensure that all transports are imported in the right order without jeopardizing the production system with what is called overtakers. The seamless integration of these processes with the change process management component enables companies to establish a secure SAP change management environment that will continue to meet the highest standards of quality.

  • Synchronization management

The synchronization management module gives customers maximum security when it comes to synchronizing their SAP landscapes by automating the system synchronization processes between two SAP landscapes. It determines whether individual objects can be synchronized automatically or whether they require manual intervention. Non-critical objects can be combined in transports that are then synchronized with the click of a button. The synchronization management module simplifies the process of manual synchronization by providing users with direct access to known standard tools for the comparison of object versions.

  • Code profiling

The code profiling component helps users resolve programming errors in a simple and efficient manner. The software runs a comprehensive code scan to check the ABAP code for weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Irregularities are automatically prioritized and made available as reports in the SAP interface or as a PDF document.
The elimination of the identified weaknesses improves the security of the application and boosts the quality of a company's ABAP programs.

Maintain reliable audit trails
The predefined and customizable reports in theGuard! SmartChange deliver full audit trails, for example for auditors, and provide the basis for the definition and analysis of internal key performance indicators (KPIs). The high level of transparency across all change processes improves the visibility into and security of SAP development processes.

SAP change management – even while on the go
theGuard! SmartChange allows IT professionals to check the status of their change management processes through their mobile devices. The necessary app is fully integrated with the workflows of theGuard! and alerts users of, for example, required approvals, accelerating the completion of change management projects.

Think big, change SMART!
theGuard! SmartChange builds on the technologies of tried and tested theGuard! products. theGuard! TransportManager, theGuard! SyncAssist, theGuard! SmartChange Application Security & Code Profiling and theGuard! ChangePilot were all integrated into the new product. The newly created program package, however, goes far beyond the scope of the existing tools: Its central Information Quality Library (IQ LIB) seamlessly connects the individual change management processes and the modules of theGuard! and creates a common data foundation. This ensures that all activities can be traced all the way down to the object level. All of this provides the basis for comprehensive analyses that can be used to identify and eliminate the root causes of potential system failures. The modular design of the software and the rapid implementation of the individual components give customers the flexibility to take a phased approach to optimizing their change management and to “think big, change SMART!”.

The solution will be officially presented to an international audience at Sapphire NOW / SAP TechEd, which will be held between November 13 and 16, 2012 in Madrid. Anyone interested is invited to join REALTECH at booth 1097 for a live demonstration of theGuard! SmartChange.

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