IT Infrastructure Management With SAP Solution Manager

Use SAP Solution Manager as your central IT management solution!

In addition to the well-known application management features, the latest version of SAP Solution Manager comes with a multitude of additional features for your IT service and IT infrastructure management needs. This are mainly included by means of additional solution extensions.

The SAP IT Infrastructure Management enhancement, for example, gives you the ability go beyond mere application data monitoring to include the infrastructure components relevant to the operation of your applications. The joint solution by SAP and REALTECH transforms SAP Solution Manager into a central platform for managing your entire IT architecture – from business applications and processes all the way down to complex and heterogeneous infrastructure and network environments.

Customer like KAESER Kompressoren have come to rely on the SAP Solution Manager expertise of REALTECH and use SAP IT Infrastructure Management to manage and monitor their complex and heterogeneous IT infrastructure that includes more than 100 locations in over 50 countries.

This is made possible by the theGuard Service Management Center components integrated with SAP IT Infrastructure Management. It captures all application and infrastructure data in a central CMDB (Configuration Management Database), correlates the data, and integrates it into the monitoring cockpit of SAP Solution Manager.

Your added value:


  • Consolidated view of applications and infrastructure
    Consolidate your different IT management tools and monitor your all of your IT systems from a central point of control – with SAP Solution Manager.


  • Simplified support processes
    Manage all of your support requests from a central service desk.


  • Proactive monitoring
    Avoid performance bottlenecks ahead of time with automated alerts when defined thresholds are exceeded.


  • Faster error recovery in case of emergency
    Take advantage of the unique view across application and network boundaries to identify and eliminate the root causes of incidents faster.


  • Automated inventory management for SAP and non-SAP components
    Automate the management of your IT inventory and save time and effort when compiling inventory data.


  • Reduced change management risks
    Plan necessary changes taking into account the potential impact on other systems, users, or processes.

SAP Solution Manager 7.1 meets all of PinkVERIFY's and Serview's requirements relevant to ITIL that are the key to high-quality IT service management. The certification of the Service Asset & Configuration Management process was mainly due to the SAP Solution Manager enhancement SAP IT Infrastructure Management.


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