Ria – Artificial Intelligence in IT Service Management

Discover the possibilities of AI

Process Automation in ITSM

Automate your service-based IT processes in the twinkling of an eye and design your processes efficiently all around.

Optimized support resources

Relieve your employees of routine tasks so that they can concentrate on their essential tasks.

Hands-on-Integration in 3rd Party Systems

Integrate our artificial intelligence into third-party systems via interfaces.

Ready to go in a few steps

Benefit from a sophisticated, easy to implement system with real added value. Fast integration and availability.


Intelligent support for your IT Service Management

REALTECH uses the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimally automate your service-based IT processes: As a specialist in data acquisition and analysis, we combine our comprehensive knowledge of data preparation with the latest AI technologies in order to make IT Service Management processes more efficient. For this purpose, we integrate and configure the AI fully into your processes. Whether in Incident Management, IT Support or ServiceDesk or in other IT processes: Our AI solution handles simple, recurring tasks in a very uncomplicated way, thus ensuring convenient automation.

Our AI solution has a name: RIA. REALTECH’s Intelligent Assistant. Originally developed for supervised learning with a focus on IT service management, Ria can now be used optimally as your virtual employee in service management. Because Ria speaks the language of the supporter: She understands natural language, creates the appropriate tickets and forwards them to the right place based on context (Level Recognition). What’s more, Ria supports your support for simple queries by recording, categorizing and addressing them through an intelligent chat bot.


Our commitment

As qualified specialists at REALTECH, we provide you with competent support in AI configuration or other IT-related areas. True to the motto “We make the AI smart”, we use the principle of pattern recognition from data to train Ria for all common applications in support and in the automation of process steps as part of service processes. The integrated knowledge base can be supplemented at any time by integration into third-party systems.


We integrate AI into your processes unerringly and based on the latest technologies.


Through monitored learning, we configure your individual artificial intelligence.

ITSM Know-How

We are passionate about automation in IT Service Management.

Data expertise

We understand your data and processes.

Ria: Your Bot-supported ServiceDesk

Our Bot-Innovation Ria is the virtual assistant for your support that answers questions from employees and customers independently – even via language support.

From taking on simple and recurring tasks to automating service orders to automatically creating and processing tickets, Ria is the ideal solution for typical first-level support requirements.

Ria is available around the clock, has a short response time and convinces with a low error rate.

Ria: the intelligent execution of routine activities

In the sense of artificial intelligence, Ria is capable of learning: She masters successive service standards in order to automate business process supporting tasks in the company. Ria can also be conveniently connected to an existing service management tool as a stand-alone solution.

In addition, Ria automatically categorizes incidents and is able to intelligently assign incoming requests. Incidents for which a documented solution or workaround already exists are also handled reliably by Ria.

A Guide for AI in Service Management

More efficient support through AI: Ready to go in 5 steps

You want to get off to a good start with AI? Read our ePaper to find out which possibilities arise for your company through the use of professionally and comprehensively trained AIs. You will also find out why it is worthwhile to rely on the support of AI now, also with regard to future developments.

  • Advantages and pitfalls of artificial intelligence
  • Today’s AI practice in Service Management
  • Starter Kit with practice-oriented checklists

This ePaper is only available in German language.

Reliable and fast support

Ria by REALTECH handles tasks such as creating, updating or closing tickets without any problems. It accepts service requests and answers questions based on knowledge bases and available Internet resources. The chatbot Ria always responds according to the character mode set (e.g. Business or Social).

Reliable information at all times

Ria independently informs about status updates and lists all personal tickets on request. She is also able to integrate images into her communication to support explanations. Of course, her actions can be monitored and taken over by a real person at any time.

Easy integration

Ria can be easily integrated into third-party systems via interfaces: The intelligent tool can be integrated into various helpdesk or ticket systems with just a few simple steps. In addition, Ria can be specially trained and instructed to meet your needs, enabling you to solve recurring problems directly.

First-Level Support

Ria automatically categorizes incidents and intelligently allocates incoming requests (level recognition). Even with incidents for which a documented solution or workaround already exists, you can rely on reliable processing by Ria.


This webinar is only available in German language.

Webinar: Künstliche Intelligenz im IT Service Management – Ein Praxisbericht

This webinar is only available in German language.