Configuration Management
for SAP

The Single Point of Truth for your IT and SAP Landscape

All IT and SAP Infrastructure at your fingertip

Our Configuration Management for SAP module is a unique tool for mapping infrastructure data to specific SAP system parameters.

You get a central user interface to easily map all SAP components. Permanent synchronization through the innovative Autodiscovery for SAP always ensures that your information is up to date. This enables full transparency in complex IT and SAP landscapes.

Configuration Management for SAP is an add-on module for REALTECH Service Management.

Discover Automatically

Identify Relationships

Ensure Compliance

Simplify Reporting

Discover Automatically

Gain full insight into key SAP system parameters at the touch of a button.

Identify Relationships

Thanks to the simple, graphical user interface, you can recognize critical dependencies immediately.

Ensure Compliance

Meet your security and governance policies through continuous validation and effective baselining.

Simplify Reporting

Benefit from daily updated SAP infrastructure information for your audits and reviews.

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The CMDB for SAP customers

Establish a central single point of truth for your entire IT and SAP infrastructure with the REALTECH CMDB.

Discover the benefits of REALTECH Service Management’s simple and adaptive user interface. The integrated graphical relationship overview allows you to capture critical dependencies at a glance.

ITSM-Tool REALTECH Service Management
ITSM-Tool REALTECH Service Management

Autodiscovery for SAP

With the Configuration Management for SAP module, you benefit from REALTECH’s unique Autodiscovery for SAP.

All SAP system parameters are detected continuously and automatically. This means that you always keep all your system information up to date and significantly reduce acquisition times for SAP-specific information.

Define clear rules for security and governance requirements. With a corresponding baseline, you can detect deviations immediately.
Using the graphical relationship overview, you can easily capture critical dependencies within your IT and SAP landscape.
At the push of a button, you receive detailed SAP system parameters – time-consuming research is no longer necessary.
REALTECH Service Management enables you to map and evaluate all SAP systems in one central place.