An efficient IT organization supports companies in achieving overarching business goals. For IT to reliably fulfil this task, the performance of the IT infrastructure must be continuously recorded, documented, analysed and systematically improved.        

REALTECH offers a solution to this challenge: the integration of comprehensive business service management in conjunction with user-friendly network, system and application management. This combination forms the basis for monitoring IT-supported business processes and enables information to be made available to specific target groups.


Our Solution



The Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is the central data hub. It enables automated processes through a permanent inventory of all IT services. Put an end to the error-prone maintenance of Excel lists!

The introduction of the REALTECH CMDB will continue to lay the foundation for the configuration management process. This can be automated in many areas and efficiently implemented with reduced effort. This makes a considerable contribution to the digitalization of processes in the company. The experience that REALTECH has gathered for over 20 years in the automatic recognition of configuration items has been recorded in the software solution. Thus the implementation times for an integration into your IT landscape are minimal.

Through a complete autodiscovery of your IT and NON-IT components, you keep track of the data jungle. This is the basis for efficient IT processes and services. REALTECH is known for its high level of automation in discovery. Gain a comprehensive insight into the REALTECH CMDB now with the detailed product description.

As IT infrastructures become more and more complex, the administrative effort required to manage all components also increases. Inventory & Asset Management helps the IT organization to efficiently maintain control over the hardware and software used.

The integration of a comprehensive business service management, together with a central network, system and application management, forms the basis for the monitoring of IT-supported business processes. This approach is becoming increasingly important as IT becomes more virtualized and relies on hybrid cloud solutions. Future technologies such as Industry 4.0 will explicitly require the consolidation of data from a wide variety of areas, as they are based on the integrative networking of IT, production, logistics and customers.

REALTECH provides functionalities for professional analysis of IT services across all areas. Regardless of whether your systems are virtualized or whether you maintain a hybrid cloud structure, you receive uniform monitoring of all central hardware and software components and can integrate them flexibly into your process structure.
Using individually definable Service Level Agreements (SLAs), the efficiency of your Business Service Management can be automatically recorded, measured and displayed. Here you can choose from a wide range of modules in the areas of reporting, visualization, monitoring and correlation.

If deviations are detected during system operation, they immediately enter the alarm mode. However, an integrated root cause analysis provides extensive coverage of potential sources of error in advance.

Your advantages at a glance

Your long-term goal is: IT service operation without downtime! REALTECH supports you in this.

As a result, you achieve a rapid reduction in IT outages with a general reduction in downtime, overall lower costs of up to 50% for your IT and increased productivity in the interaction between business and IT. A highly automated, intelligent system supports you in keeping your relevant IT services under control at all times.

Short implementation times

REALTECH solutions are easy to implement and operate as a result of a high level of automation. Agents on the target systems are not necessary.

High user acceptance

REALTECH's Configuration Management System is already being used successfully by many customers. The solution's architecture enables it to be used in any IT infrastructure and in distributed system landscapes.


Increased transparency

Through manufacturer-independent monitoring of the entire IT infrastructure, including networks, applications, databases, virtualizations and so on, we can ensure that your IT infrastructure is always up to date.


Increased efficiency

A variety of analysis functions and dashboards make it possible to visualize system states and thus simplify daily operation.


The most important functions

  • ​Automated infrastructure and application performance management

  • Manufacturer-independent, agentless monitoring

  • Mapping and monitoring of individual IT services

  • Comprehensive reporting and analysis tools

  • Graphical views of dynamic relations








That's what our customers say:

"With the CMDB from REALTECH, we are lifting up our IT service management to a new level. At the same time, we have created an essential prerequisite for rapid and efficient digitization."

~ Thomas Fesenmeier, Head of ITSM at EDEKA Südwest





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