IT Service Management


Business processes are crucial when it comes to the success of your company. Due to the ever increasing dependencies between business processes and IT, the constant availability of an efficient IT infrastructure must be guaranteed. Company-wide business goals can only be achieved if these are continuously recorded, analysed, adapted, documented and systematically improved.

The IT services used for this purpose must therefore be strictly adapted to the existing and changing business requirements of the specialist departments in order to reduce the probability of failure of critical business processes to a minimum.

With REALTECH IT Service Management, you can quickly achieve automation that is tailored to your business processes.


Our Solutions


IT and Enterprise Services open the way to digitization for your company. An essential prerequisite is a service catalogue that bundles all services. In this way, you ensure that administrators and users have an equal overview of all services and costs - an ideal basis for the further expansion and automation of services and for efficient communication between IT and other departments.

Our smart Incident Management solution supports your support through integrated process automation, customized service level metrics, escalation and notification via email and simple autocategorization. With the smaRT Support add-on module, tickets can be processed and solved by REALTECH's Intelligent Assistant Ria. Incident Management is integrated into the processes of Configuration Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Service Catalog Management.

The management and control of asset and configuration items under legal, security and financial aspects is becoming increasingly important. The use of Service Asset and Configuration Management (SACM) enable management to control these elements and assets. All other service management processes are provided with up-to-date and secure information about the status of the service assets and IT infrastructure via these processes.

Your advantages

 Clear value contribution of IT to business
 Control investment plans, ensure service quality, evaluate success

 Flexible operating options
 Reliability through cloud application from Germany or a classic on-premises

 Efficient service processes
 Flexibly adaptable IT and business services for all departments
 through a smart self-service portal based on webshop principles


 Central Service Desk

  • Going live within hours
  • User import with LDAP interface
  • Integrated self-service desk in a clear portal


 Automation of the fault management process

  • Service Level Key Figures tailored to your needs
  • Escalation and notification by eMail
  • Simple autocategorization

 Increased efficiency through artificial intelligence
 With the smaRT Support add-on module, tickets can be processed and solved by
 REALTECH's Intelligent Assistant Ria.


The most important functions

  • Process automation and user-friendly presentation in device-independent GUIs
  • Notification and approvals directly integrated according to the various roles
  • Integration of CMDB data for qualitative enhancement of processes
  • Graphical process and workflow editor for quick tickets and automation
  • Suggested solutions for standard problems at a glance
  • Ability to report disruptions to services
  • Placing orders in the Service Shop
  • Easy creation of standard reports from the system




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