With Ria to smaRT Support

The chatbot Ria automates the communication in case of everyday disturbances or orders

As a virtual assistant, Ria - REALTECH's Intelligent Assistant - takes on the role of a supporter. Ria was developed specifically for service management and is an innovation by REALTECH AG. As an artificial intelligence, Ria is capable of learning. It masters successive service standards in order to automate business process supporting tasks in the company. Ria can also be connected to an existing service management tool as a stand-alone solution.

Our Solution

The virtual assistant for your support can independently answer questions from employees and customers. Typical first-level support requirements can be solved particularly well by Ria: with very short response time, 24x7 availability and low error rate. Simple and recurring tasks are taken over by Ria. Service orders and tickets are automated via Ria.

Ria by REALTECH performs tasks such as creating, updating or closing tickets. Ria receives service requests and answers questions based on the knowledge bases and internet resources it has access to. Your chatbot Ria answers according to its character mode (e.g. Business or Social).

Ria independently informs about status updates of personal tickets. The chatbot lists all personal tickets on demand. Ria's actions can be monitored and taken over by a real person at any time.

Ria can recognize images and texts in the image and can be integrated into third-party systems via interfaces. The tool can be flexibly integrated into various helpdesk or ticket systems. Ria can also be specially trained to meet your needs. This means that recurring questions can be answered directly.

Your advantages


Simple chat communication - anytime
Communication with the virtual assistant Ria takes place via a common, intuitive chat window that allows users to contact Ria at any time. Ria responds reliably within seconds.




Optimized service processes
Ria is able to analyse human language and, according to certain guidelines and trainings, to recognise the intention or the facts of the case. Used in support, Ria can independently receive, forward and process reports on malfunctions/problems or orders for services. Service processes become more efficient, costs are saved and user acceptance increases. Ria reacts and notifies immediately.



Central contact point for questions
Make Ria the central point of contact for (general) questions from employees and customers! Through controllable access to the knowledge base and internet resources, Ria can provide the desired information extremely quickly - if necessary also in the form of videos. If required, a real employee can simply take over the communication from you seamlessly.


Integration into third-party systems
Ria can be integrated into other systems.

The most important functions

Ria helps you to design your smaRT Support

Ria Actions

  •  Opening Tickets

  •  Editing Tickets

  •  Closing Tickets

  •  Automated ticket solving

  •  Starting a Process in an  External System

  •  Browse and Deploy Your Knowledge Base

Ria web interface
Ria is always ready to record your disturbances in an easy-to-use chat box.
The chat box can be integrated into your intranet website.

System Connection
Tickets are opened in your support system.



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