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Business processes are critical to your company's success. As business processes become increasingly dependent on IT, it is more important than ever before for companies to ensure the high availability and performance of their IT infrastructures. But in order to achieve enterprise-wide business goals, they need to be able to continuously monitor, analyze, adapt, document, and systematically improve them. This is done by means of IT services, which have to be closely aligned with the existing and evolving requirements of the business departments in order to minimize the risk of interruptions to critical business processes.

What We Do for You

From a technological standpoint, there has long been a gap between the different tools used by IT organizations and the single views of their IT services. It takes an integrative approach to ensure that key processes are optimally aligned with IT. Companies need comprehensive business service management capabilities along with centralized network, system, and application management to be able to monitor their IT-enabled business processes.

This is becoming all the more important in light of the growing virtualization of IT systems and the increasing adoption of hybrid cloud solutions. Future technologies like Industry 4.0 will be built on integrated networks that bring together IT, manufacturing, logistics, and customer systems, making a successful adoption dependent on the ability to merge data from a multitude of sources.

Your Advantages

You will see a rapid decline in IT incidents and a general reduction of downtime, lower overall IT costs, and more productivity in the relationship between business and IT. A highly automated and intelligent system will help you to stay on top of relevant IT services.

Development and Implementation of Business Service Management

theGuard! Business Service Manager has the features you need to professionally analyze your IT services across the enterprise. Regardless of whether you are running virtualized systems or leveraging hybrid cloud infrastructures, you can monitor your critical hardware and software components from a single point of control and flexibly integrate them with your process structure.

Define custom service level agreements (SLAs) to monitor, measure, and demonstrate the efficiency of your business service management based on different modules for reporting, visualization, monitoring, and correlation purposes.

Immediate alerts are triggered if deviations from normal system behavior are detected. The integrated root cause analysis will help prevent incidents by proactively identifying a wide range of potential sources of error.

Product Specific Modules (PSM)

To date, over 350 PSMs are available for various products and manufacturers. These modules are constantly kept up to date, supplemented and extended for specific projects. This makes theGuard! the only IT Service Management solution that allows IT administrators to integrate new components into their systems without any problems, as REALTECH can provide the corresponding PSMs immediately if required. A complete overview of the PSMs can be found here.


Current Release

Now available:
SP4 for theGuard! Service Management Center 7.2