Product Specific Modules (PSM)

There are currently over 350 Product Specific Modules (PSM) available for various products of many IT infrastructure vendors. REALTECH  maintains these modules and amends these individually on a project basis. This makes theGuard! a unique IT Service Management solution, whereby an IT administrator can simply integrate new components to her existing system.

There are only a frew prerequisites for the integration of new network components: They have to allow SNMP, accessibility by their MIB (in ASN.1 notation) and a corresponding test system has to be availabe to REALTECH as part of a development project. Customers may issue a Request for Change (RfC) including these prerequisites and the relevant monitoring parameters to engage with REALTECH.*

In case of changes to existing network product versions, which have an impact to the functioning of the PSM,  or new parameters shall be monitored, a RfC can be raised as well. Amendments pertaining the MIB integration, class-recognition, changes to the available managed objects and properties as well as the topology caused by firmware updates of network products are already covered by the conditions of our maintenance concept.*

The following PSM are already available to You.

PSM can be purchased for all theGuard! base system versions.

Device types, which are supported by the Topology Manager (Layer 2), are indicated in the list below. Device types with integrated VLAN functions require the VLAN View Manager additionally and are indicated respectively.


(*) REALTECH reserves the right to decide on pursuing RfCs

Product Specific Modules (PSM)

Over 350 PSMs available for various products and vendors