Secure Cloud Adoption With REALTECH


A growing number of companies are turning to the cloud and software as a service to increase their business flexibility, agility, and efficiency. Are you still looking for a cloud strategy that is right for your company? Do you need an experienced partner who will help you navigate your way into the cloud? Then you should talk to us.

Software as a service offers a number of advantages for companies: fast results with very little time, effort, and risk involved. The simple principle: Rather than installing the software in their own networks, companies and their employees access the software programs they need online. The software itself is installed on the servers in the provider's data center.


What We Do

REALTECH has its own software-as-a-service offering that includes products such as our Service Catalog and Portfolio Management. Talk to us!


Your Advantages:

  • SaaS solutions can be easily implemented in no time. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection.
  • SaaS fees usually include the costs for the providers' IT infrastructures, updates, and upgrades.
  • The providers manage and maintain the software while the SaaS customers get to focus on running their business. There is no need to buy additional hardware or software licenses or invest in building IT expertise.