A Powerful Basis for Complex IT Infrastructures

According to the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), a CMDB is used to access and manage configuration items (CIs). Configuration item is an IT management term used to describe IT assets.

The concept of using a CMDB has been very well researched over the years and the technology behind it has reached a very high level of maturity. Companies can chose between a centralized, decentralized, or even a virtual CMDB.

In a recent 2016 study on the top 15 IT and ESM vendors in Germany, the independent research firm Research in Action expects a large number of projects that will combine the different CMDB scenarios with SaaS, cloud, big data and analytics solutions.


What We Do For You

REALTECH uses auto-discovery to automatically populate and maintain its Configuration Management Database (CMDB) with comprehensive information on the IT infrastructure with all of its hardware and software along with their relationships and status.

In the CMDB, all information is stored in a normalized (standardized) form and made available for all service desk purposes, making it possible to compare metrics and performance indicators from disparate IT systems.

The REALTECH CMDB is an optional component of theGuard! ServiceDesk.


Your Advantages

Whether its incident, change, configuration or service portfolio and catalog management – every single function module of the REALTECH solution has access to the latest and automatically maintained configuration items (CIs).

A status can be assigned to the CIs to further support the consistent evaluation of processes. Status information and performance data on any connected component and system is available at any time.

We have developed specific interfaces for users of other business intelligence solutions to allow them to access the data in the REALTECH CMDB.