Enterprise Service Management


We will enable you to embrace enterprise service management and to leverage the right information to provide the best possible support for your business processes.

Digitalization is transforming IT service management into enterprise service management: The tools and process expertise that was previously limited to the IT organization are in increasing demand across all business departments, which are looking to provide services themselves. More and more companies are moving towards a service-oriented organization.
Standardized and automated processes that span across departments, locations, companies, and industries create long-term cost and competitive advantages and are becoming the key to business success.

REALTECH will give you the foundation you need to establish them. We raise the bar when it comes to automatically capturing and intelligently visualizing data:

  • We have mastered the technology to automatically capture data and to prepare it to support the processes between devices, applications, and machines.
  • Our tools allow you to visualize, model, deliver, and analyze your services.
  • We will help you quickly analyze and make available business-critical information to the relevant staff.



REALTECH ranks fourth among the IT and enterprise service management providers in Germany, as evidenced by a 2016 study by the independent research and consulting firm Research in Action that looked at the top 15 vendors in Germany.


The study sees REALTECH as the number one choice for SAP customers and emphasizes

  • the breadth and depth of the service management offering,
  • the strategic collaboration with SAP paired with exceptional IT service management expertise,
  • the high level of customer satisfaction with REALTECH's products.


Whether it is capturing, analyzing, and visualizing data, modelling services, or aligning processes with the ITIL framework: We envision, design, and implement forward-thinking enterprise service management scenarios for the automation of operational and administrative processes in your IT organization, business departments, and throughout the company as a whole.

REALTECH accompanies businesses on the way to digitalization

Managing Director Dr. Bernd Kappesser from REALTECH on the increasing relevance of topics like digital transformation and internet of thins in the company.

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Enterprise Service Management by REALTECH

Managing Director Peter Weisbach from REALTECH in the video: The change of IT Service Management to Enterprise Service Management is decisive for the company's success.

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Market survey to trends in the field of ITSM and ESM

IT service management is becoming enterprise service management. The number of helpdesk and CMDB projects will increase. Previously, manual shaped business processes will be automated increasingly.

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REALTECH from analyst‘s view

REALTECH convinces with an extensive portfolio in the field of IT and Enterprise Service Management, easy to install and affordable products and a close proximity to SAP - resulting in a high customer satisfaction.

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