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In-memory databases use a computer's main memory to store data – distinguishing them from conventional database management systems, which store data on hard disk drives and use the main memory for temporary working copies only. Among the many benefits of in-memory databases are significantly faster access times that result in substantial improvements in data storage and analysis.

REALTECH has the deep expertise you need to make the most of in-memory computing – for example with SAP HANA.


What We Do for You

In-memory computing is transforming business models everywhere – and it is here to stay. What started out as a means to accelerate data analysis is now a driver of business processes. Its extremely fast response times ensure performance indicators are available within seconds, allowing companies to adapt to any changes in their business operations without delay. It also paves the way for never-before-seen applications that build on the ability to analyze all available data with unmatched flexibility and speed, for example for complex material requirements planning processes, the real-time analysis of customer behavior, or available-to-promise checks to find out if an order can actually be delivered to the customer in the specified delivery time.


Companies can turn to REALTECH as an independent partner with extensive hands-on experience in the delivery of in-memory projects. We provide consulting services to help you implement, transition to, and run an in-memory platform. We will work with you develop a custom in-memory strategy that is unique to your business and allows you to optimize your business processes and drive value. Tap into our knowledge, gained from hundreds of customer projects, and our expertise as an SAP partner for SAP HANA projects.


Your Advantages

Cost optimization

Significantly reducing your data footprint – without losing any information – also means that you can dramatically reduce the complexity of your system landscape. This means lower purchase and maintenance costs and less time spent on system and lifecycle management.


More flexibility

The lightning-fast processing speeds of in-memory computing give you the ability to connect different systems, enabling you to run more complex analyses and reports and deliver the results faster and based on the latest data. And with the much shorter response times, it now makes sense to use mobile devices to query and return data.

The amount of data has been reduced, allowing for faster and more flexible data handling across all processes.


Innovation and Optimization of Business Models

In-memory computing frees up resources that are better spent fostering innovation in your business processes.

Innovative data mining and the analysis of unstructured data open the door for profitable new business processes.


A Seasoned SAP Partner

REALTECH enjoys an excellent reputation in the IT industry and has many years of experience in the SAP ecosystem. We have been an SAP Special Expertise Partner since our foundation in 1994.


Development and Implementation

How can in-memory computing contribute to accelerating your IT processes and along with them your business processes? What new opportunities does it create for your company? We will help you develop and implement an in-memory strategy tailored to the specific needs of your company.



  • Proof of Concept
  • Review technical and functional requirements
  • Optimize ABAP code
  • Trainings: theoretical foundations and strategic aspects of SAP HANA
  • Integrating the in-memory project with the overall IT strategy


  • Transition on-premise or private/public cloud
  • Custom operational concepts
  • Code pushdown
  • Development and administration training


  • Creation of an operations manual
  • Technical support
  • On- and off-site managed operation services
  • Continual Service Improvement

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