Industry 4.0

We Will Put You on Your Way to a Smart Factory

Industry 4.0 is one of today's hottest topics when discussing the future of IT. The term was coined to refer to the fourth industrial revolution, a new level of value chain organization and management across the product lifecycle.

The demands placed on future manufacturing processes are high: they need to be smart, agile, and sustainable. Industry 4.0 describes the intelligent networking of product development, manufacturing, logistics, and customers. Related topics such as "machine to machine" and the "Internet of Things" will change the fabric of our society.

Companies willing to take the inevitable step into the future today can turn to REALTECH as their innovative technology consulting partner.


What We Do for You

The development of methods, instruments, and technologies for Industry 4.0 has only just begun. And although there are already some application examples out there, it is still very difficult to predict the impact of a widespread, cross-industry adoption of these technologies. But keep in mind: It is important to start developing the technologies, application scenarios, and standards needed to support Industry 4.0 today.

The first viable real-world approach to implementing it is the convergence of manufacturing control and data technology. REALTECH gives you the support you need here: for 25 years now, our software has been used to monitor and manage IT hardware regardless of vendor. What started out with data technology devices such as routers, switches, and hubs has come to include voice devices, video systems, facility management and much more – in short, all devices that are relevant to modern IT environments. Our product specific modules (PSM) provide the perfect basis for integrating your manufacturing systems with your central IT service monitoring.

Having your machines communicate with each another makes it easier to determine the status of manufacturing processes. This gives the manufacturing department the ability to use the underlying IT infrastructure to proactively monitor the entire value chain from a single point of control.


Your Advantages

  • REALTECH software uses a unique approach to integrate manufacturing process monitoring with the monitoring of your key IT services, providing an end-to-end view of the IT services that keep your company's business processes running.
  • REALTECH's software and PSM model is highly automated, giving you a real-time, unified view of your value chain.
  • This will make your overall IT operations more secure, deliver cost transparency, and protect your investments.


Development and Implementation of Industry 4.0

REALTECH's software is already being used in production-related IT environments, for example by automotive manufacturers. The PSM technology allows them to use their automated IT monitoring systems to seamlessly integrate smart machines and their operations data as part of their relevant IT services. In addition to delivering monitoring and predictive analyses, the software is also capable of managing machine configurations and provisioning machines.

Industry 4.0 still has long way to go. Application scenarios and technologies are currently being developed in the field. Would you like to know more? REALTECH is your partner on your way to a smart factory. Talk to us!