Enterprise Service Management

The Trend from UNIX to Linux in SAP® Data Centers: Large. Critical. Beyond Limits.

Whitepaper 2012


When the first “UNIX to Linux” whitepaper came out in 2008, no one could have anticipated the impact it would have. The messages were clear: Linux is ready for the SAP data center. The performance is there. The features as well. Costs are significantly lower with x64 than with any other CPU architecture. Transition of operational procedures is significantly easier from UNIX to Linux than from UNIX to Windows. And costs are not a matter of the Operating System (OS), but of the CPU architecture. 

REALTECH published a second whitepaper that demonstrated adding to the proven supremacy in price/performance ratio, development and environmental aspects would deliver additional reasons to consider Linux/x64. 

In this U2L whitepaper, almost four years later, we will check if our assumptions and predictions of 2008 and 2009 were correct, but we will also look at limits and restrictions we have encountered, and discuss experiences we have made.

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