Enterprise Service Management

A Short Guide – How to better plan and securely implement changes - Improving the Quality of SAP Change & Transport Management

Whitepaper 2013


Too often, the measure of SAP Basis administration is simply how fast necessary changes can be imported into a company's production systems. This may make sense from a business perspective, but who deals with the consequences that may arise from the poor quality of the SAP change management process?

SAP systems handle mission-critical and accounting-related business processes. Changes to SAP systems and SAP applications involve risks that can bring a business to a halt. The processes of the SAP transport system are the key to governing the import of these changes into the production systems.

This white paper concentrates on how to optimize the quality of SAP change management by way of well-defined workflows, processes, and automated checks and shows how modern change management solutions like theGuard! SmartChange can effectively minimize the risk of system failures.


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  • optimize your SAP change & transport management processes,
  • reduce the risk of system failures,
  • and maintain complete audit trails of all change activities.

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