With DevOps for SAP you make traditional SAP landscapes ready for the digital transformation

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Especially for existing SAP systems, DevOps is the key to enhanced reactivity and performance. Updates, optimizations and innovations are able to go live much more rapidly. No matter whether new processes, functions or services are concerned. Moreover, your company will be less dependent on SAP release, maintenance and innovation cycles.

DevOps for SAP:

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REALTECH helps IT departments to implement the DevOps paradigm fast and with maximum benefit – with the right methods and tools and extensive practical experience. Use our ROI calculator to calculate your benefit instantly.


REALTECH is a member of the DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA)

We support DASA‘s mission with its core principles and the aim of promoting the open-source certification for DevOps and providing you and your customers with an added value. You will find more information on DASA forerunners here.