REALTECH INterfacemanager

SAP Interface Management –
Simple, Intuitive, and Cost-Effective.

Mounting cost pressure and a fiercely competitive climate are forcing companies to streamline their manufacturing processes on the IT side as well. REALTECH InterfaceManager supports this with its standardized interfaces. These help stabilize the functioning and performance of cross-system business processes. They also help companies save money on interface development and maintenance and free IT workers from time-consuming routine tasks.

Enterprise Application Integration stands for the automatic exchange of data between diverse applications and systems. Complex EAI solutions often put a strain on the budgets for interface development and day-to-day operation.

Your Advantages

  • Spend less time and money on the development and maintenance of interfaces.

  • Reduce administrative tasks in production operation by implementing automatisms.

  • Take a load of your IT department by shifting process responsibility to the respective business departments.

  • Improve the availability of mission-critical business processes.

  • Enable the end-to-end monitoring of business activities with dialog-oriented error management.

  • Easily and quickly integrate the systems of your suppliers and customers.

  • Ensure a rapid return on investment with attractive licensing and support fees.

  • No longer depend on expensive experts.

  • Minimize your need for employee training.

  • Very short implementation time and, thus, fast going live.


With REALTECH InterfaceManager you can now benefit from the expertise of a company that maintains close relationships with SAP and has more than 15 years of experience in SAP technology consulting.

What We Do for You

REALTECH InterfaceManager gives business departments a comfortable tool that allows them to easily monitor the data exchange between SAP and non-SAP systems across all of their different communication channels. REALTECH‘s solution is the perfect complement to the monitoring features of SAP PI. It not only monitors the data exchange of the in-house developed interfaces during production operation, but also the proper updating with respect to the data exchange with other SAP systems and SAP PI. Companies can thus rely on the continuous and smooth operation of core processes throughout the enterprise.

Update errors are forwarded straight to the department in charge of the update in question. The staff there can then take dialog-based corrective measures. REALTECH InterfaceManager will continuously log all updates to provide a complete audit trail.

Examples From The Field

REALTECH InterfaceManager and jXChange currently secure:

  • the global spare parts supply of a major German automotive manufacturer.

  • the production control and planning of an automaker.

  • the logistics processes of businesses in the metal working industry.

  • the enterprise resource planning processes of a German global player in the logistics industry.

  • the global control of all warehouses of a renowned textile manufacturer.

  • the data exchange between the POS systems of a German consumer electronics discount chain.

  • the integration of external accounting systems for a number of European banks.