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You will be hard pressed to find a customer who is 100 percent satisfied with its outsourcing partner. Long-term contracts, a lack of flexibility, and a poor understanding of what they really need are just some of the problems that outsourcing customers are faced with. Traditional outsourcers live on the standardization of their processes and maximum staff utilization. Innovation and flexibility fall victim to this trend, which is increasingly slowing down the companies that rely on outsourcing services.

Your Advantages

Gain immediate access to the full range of REALTECH's services through our on-site consulting. This means spending less time and resources on selecting, training, and coordinating consultants. You benefit from more flexibility and prompt access to high-quality consulting services, allowing you to drive innovation, despite outsourcing.

What We Do for You

With REALTECH's Managed Services, you can rest assured that your SAP systems run smoothly. Benefit from the combination of both traditional on-site consulting and dedicated remote services. REALTECH provides on-site service management, putting it in control of the coordination and quality assurance of consulting services. All of this is backed by a highly professional and skilled back office team that is always ready to contribute its expert knowledge to support customer requirements and projects.



Development and Implementation of REALTECH Managed Services

The services can be provided on-site at the customer's location or from the back office. Customers can also choose to include comprehensive Basis operations services, the coordination of freelancers, the technical operation of IT systems as a hosting service, and 24/7 support by means of a nearshoring solution.

REALTECH is a leading SAP technology firm with superior consulting expertise. Thanks to its on-site service management, customers have full access to REALTECH's extensive service portfolio – which means they get exactly the capacity and the expertise they need. Customers no longer have to select, train, and coordinate consultants, affording them a level of flexibility that cannot be achieved through conventional service contracts.

The back office develops and pools expertise and experience to ensure smooth IT operations. It coordinates and executes all activities related to the operation of SAP systems. These activities can either be executed remotely from the back office or on site at your premises. Any remote activities are executed through a secure VPN connection. One ongoing responsibility of the back office is continuous improvement. It will review technological advances to determine how they can improve the cost efficiency and quality of service delivery. The back office will inform the Service Manager of

Any findings, who will then communicate these proposals to the customer. The back office also always looks for tasks that could potentially be industrialized, automated, nearshored or offshored.

The service manager serves as the on-site contact and listens to your needs and wishes. The service manager will also assume project management responsibilities for projects planned without an in-house project manager. Working closely with the customer, the service manager will maintain a continuous improvement process and is the first point of contact for escalations.

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