The Synchronization Management module in REALTECH SmartChange is an easy-to-use and
reliable solution that automates the synchronization of SAP development systems.



More and more companies implement 5-system landscapes in order to minimize the risk of
changes affecting their productive SAP systems. This means adding another release landscape
with its own development system (DEV’) and quality assurance system (QAS’) to their traditional
3-system landscape (DEV, QAS, PRD).




That's what our customers say:

"With theGuard! TransportManager we will save 3.2 days on the cycle time of each transport, or 2,200 man-hours, or $112,000 a year, as a direct result of not having to manually walk and search for transports"

Head of SAP Basic-Administration - Hollister

Your advantages


  • The Synchronization Management module in REALTECH SmartChange provides
    maximum automation, enabling you to minimize the need for manual
    intervention when synchronizing development systems and to free up valuable
  • Built-in checks, for example to identify dependencies between objects, are
    available to improve the security and quality of the synchronization process.
  • The synchronization progress is displayed in the respective dashboard and any
    changes are logged to provide a full audit trail.
  • The solution can be up and running within a matter of days. It is simple to
    configure and scales easily.

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