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The Synchronization Management module provides maximum automation, enabling you to minimize the need for manual intervention when synchronizing development systems and to free up valuable resources.


Automated Analysis and Categorization of Objects Into "Critical" and "Non-Critical" Objects:

  • The solution integrates seamlessly with SAP and analyzes all Workbench and Customizing objects that leave the development system of the maintenancelandscape when a transport request is released and exported. These are thenautomatically categorized into "non-critical" and "critical" objects – dependingon whether they can be synchronized from the development landscape tothe release landscape simply by means of a transport, or whether they requiremanual synchronization within the release landscape.

Automatic Provision of Transport Requests for "Non-Critical" Objects:

  • The results of the object analysis are presented in an overview. From here, users
    can package all objects that can be automatically synchronized by means of
    a transport into a single synchronization request.

Assistance in the Manual Synchronization of "Critical" Objects:

  • In order to accelerate the comparison and synchronization of any remaining Workbench objects that require manual intervention, users are provided with the corresponding, object-specific delta views. The Customizing analysis provides a detailed overview of any differences in Customizing objects, views and tables.

That's what our customers say:

"The TransportManager delivers the cutting-edge functionality we require to model our entire authorization concept for day-to-day change and transport management tasks. The REALTECH solution not only enables us to handle critical objects, such as reports containing personal data, separately; it also allows us to implement comprehensive dual control. This prevents the initiation of unchecked change requests, which can often result in system outages."

Holger Böhn, head of the SAP Basic group at Bauer Verlagsgruppe

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