Our services for Transport Management in SAP

Upgrade & Housekeeping


Upgrade-Service for Transport Management

This service comprises the regular installation of software updates for REALTECH Transport Management. For this the REALTECH consultant establishes a remote connection with the customer system and carries out all update steps with the customer. The update is able to be carried out within a few hours in most of the system landscapes (including preparation and follow-up tasks). After a final functionality test, Transport Management can be immediately put into operation again.

Your benefits

  • Higher quality: Regular software updates make it possible to resolve bugs early and to provide new functionalities. The risk of system failures is minimized by preventing a backlog of pending maintenance tasks.
  • Shorter downtime: Continuous updates lead to a reduction of the time during which REALTECH Transport Management cannot be used. As a smaller number of patches has to be installed at a time, the downtime is able to be reduced from several hours to a few minutes, depending on the release status.
  • Enhanced efficiency: Based on the experience with a large number of updates carried out in many different customer environments, REALTECH has established routines that enable a very fast check and implementation of updates. As a customer, you do not have to deal with the technical details but can fully focus on using the software.
  • Safeguarding of compatibility and guarantee of maintenance: Regular updates of the REALTECH software guarantee the support of the latest SAP releases and are your guarantee for comprehensive support at the same time.

Our services

  • Preparation (e.g. impact on existing customer-specific user exits)

  • Coordination and scheduling

  • Checking the requirements for the update

  • Provision and installation of update packages via the REALTECH Update Wizard

  • Technical functionality test after the update

Housekeeping-Service for Transport Management

In the context of its Housekeeping service, REALTECH checks the status of the Transport Management application at regular intervals and carries out adaptations, if required, to optimize operational safety and performance.

With this service, REALTECH draws upon many years of practical experience and follows standardized and proven methods.


Your benefits

Enhanced performance: The regular checks and adaptations of the Transport Management configuration contribute to a constant performance of REALTECH Transport Management as possible bottlenecks are identified and resolved early.

  •  Enhanced reliability: Proactive housekeeping makes it possible to identify any problems, such as problems concerning performance or configuration, before these problems threaten your system stability.
  • Relief of employees: Based on its expertise, REALTECH delivers the configuration for a smoothly running Transport Management and you will have more time to focus on your core business.

Our services

  • Regular checks of the Transport Management configuration
  • Checking of REALTECH users, RFC connections, jobs
  • Checking of transport logs
  • Clearing up of tables, finding of obsolete entries
  • Archiving of tables/log files

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