REALTECH Assessment Services for SAP

Performance Benchmarking of SAP Landscapes

Are you interested in finding out how powerful your SAP system really is when compared to the rest of the market? Or if you are overspending on your IT landscape compared to current market prices? Are you looking for ways to cut spending? The REALTECH Assessment Services will give you the answers you are looking for. 

Our Solution

REALTECH Assessment Services are a great way for companies to objectively assess their IT environment, identify optimization opportunities, and exploit them with the help of REALTECH's seasoned SAP consultants. We can compare the costs, quality, and performance of your SAP systems in a benchmark with thousands of reference systems.


REALTECH System Assessment

The REALTECH System Assessment service was developed to assess the performance and quality of SAP systems in comparison to the rest of the market and to uncover and leverage opportunities for optimization.

Your Advantages at a Glance

An Objective Assessment of your SAP Systems

REALTECH Assessment Services provide an objective way to assess your SAP systems. They take an integrated software and service approach to measure SAP systems and compare them to more than 4,200 reference systems.

Informed Decision-making Based on thorough Assessments

You will receive the insights and best practice recommendations you need to make informed decisions as to how to optimize the SAP systems we have measured for you.

Leveraging Existing Opportunities for Optimization

Working with REALTECH's experienced SAP consultants, you can tap into the identified optimization opportunities, for example by cutting operation costs or improving the performance of SAP applications.