REALTECH Assessment Services

REALTECH Cost Assessment for SAP

Identify Cost Drivers and Optimize SAP Operational Costs


Are you interested in finding out if your SAP spending is in line with the market? Are you looking for opportunities to save on SAP operations? 

Our Solution

The REALTECH Cost Assessment service provides full visibility into the cost of your of SAP systems as compared to market prices. We deliver actionable benchmark results based on which we develop feasible suggestions for optimization, allowing you to save your company up to 50 percent in costs. 

What we do for you

The REALTECH Cost Assessment service takes an integrated software and service approach that comprises three phases:


In phase one, we will carefully measure your SAP systems based on 1,000 measuring points and use the results to carry out an in-depth analysis of your current situation.


We can draw from a pool of more than 4,200 reference systems to ensure an objective and fair benchmark. Your system will be compared to a representative number of systems that are similar to yours with regard to size, usage, and complexity. This will give you a reliable picture of your current spending situation compared to real-world market examples, making it easy to pinpoint opportunities for cost savings.


Based on this comparison, we will develop specific recommendations to help you optimize your SAP system landscape, while taking into account the economic benefits of market trends such as virtualization, cloud, and in-memory platforms such as SAP HANA. You can also choose to have our experienced SAP consultants assist you in the implementation of the proposed measures. 

Your Advantages at a Glance

Cost Transparency to Support Informed Decisions

Benefit from a detailed measurement of your SAP systems and an unbiased assessment of your spending compared to the market to make your costs transparent. Identify cost drivers and learn the strengths of your systems.

Cost Savings of up to 50 Percent

Decide what changes to make based on objective criteria and ensure cost-efficient SAP operations for years to come.

More Resources for Innovation and Systematic IT Development

By lowering your operational costs, you can make your IT organization more flexible, giving it the opportunities and resources to pursue innovation and make sensible investments. Optimize your IT systems by following established best practices.

Unique SAP Expertise

Work with a partner with many years of experience in the SAP ecosystem: REALTECH has been an SAP Special Expertise Partner since its foundation in 1994 and enjoys an excellent reputation in the industry. 


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