Configuration Management in SAP Solution Manager mit REALTECH Easy Asset

REALTECH Easy Asset – configuration item management in SAP Solution Manager© made easy


Handling your assets has never been easier! REALTECH's Easy Asset add-on allows you to import configuration items from Microsoft Excel© directly into SAP Solution Manager.


And the other way around: You will be able to export configuration items into Microsoft Excel, work on them there, and import them back into Solution Manager with little time involved. This means that with Easy Asset, mass changes to configuration items can be carried out in close to no time. Its log feature provides a history of all imports and exports along with specific details on the individual assets, giving you an end-to-end overview of your item management activities. This unique application also makes it possible for you to visualize your configuration items, to edit them, and to link them to one another.

The challenge

How REALTECH Easy Asset makes work easier for you

  • Manually maintaining configuration items is a resource-consuming and complex task

  • Drastically reduces the time it takes to import and maintain configuration items

  • Introducing configuration management in SAP Solution Manager requires you to create all of your assets first

  • A user-friendly interface makes handling your assets a breeze and simplifies the introduction of configuration management

  • Having to constantly update your inventory of configuration items increases the burden on your configuration management staff

  • With REALTECH Easy Asset, synchronization is carried out automatically and periodically

  • Having data stored across multiple departments carries the risk of asynchronous asset data

  • Data can be synchronized across multiple sources

  • You are used to maintaining your configuration items in various systems

  • With REALTECH Easy Asset you can conveniently import data from a variety of data sources

Installed quickly. Easy to use.

  • Innovative SAP add-on
  • Based on SAP Fiori interface
  • Integrated with SAP Solution Manager
  • Installed via transport

Increase the efficiency with which you handle your assets and configuration items with SAP Solution Manager – and in turn simplify your ITSM and ESM processes.

Conveniently import, export, and visualize your configuration items with REALTECH Easy Asset. The new SAP Solution Manager add-on perfectly complements your service asset and configuration management. You get to automatically import and upload all of your configuration items and can conveniently integrate them.

 Rely on REALTECH Easy Asset to maximize the efficiency of your company's service asset and configuration management:

  • Reduce manual effort: Conveniently and quickly import, export, and visualize configuration items in SAP Solution Manager
  • Ensure continuous data quality: Data is automatically updated rather than manually entered
  • End-to-end documentation: An automated and detailed history for complete traceability

As easy as 1, 2, 3 – REALTECH Easy Asset

With Solution Manager, SAP has created a powerful and versatile tool that allows you to examine and manage every aspect your system environment.

The future is now: This can make the vision of seamless and centrally controlled configuration management a reality today. To this end, Solution Manager is already capable of mapping enterprise-wide data relevant to your business processes. It serves as a "single point of truth" that helps you align your service asset and configuration management with ITIL best practices.

And you shouldn't miss out on these opportunities. Make the most of what Solution Manager can do for you.

REALTECH Easy Asset can help you do exactly that by increasing efficiency in the important but time-consuming task of maintaining your configuration items.

Keep it simple! Replace manual efforts with the ability to automatically and periodically import items: Rely on our new Solution Manager add-on, rely on REALTECH Easy Asset.