Visualizing and Modelling Services in SAP Solution Manager


As support of efficient service management, REALTECH has developed a unique add-on: REALTECH vSIM - visualized Service Impact & Modelling.

This application offers you the possibilty to model and illustrate cleary services, service objects and their relations in SAP Solution Manager. Thus, REALTECH vSIM is the perfect addition to your service catalogue.

What We Do for You 

With REALTECH vSIM are services and service objects automatically compiled and clearly and dynamically visualized. It also enables users to conveniently model services and their relationships, both among themselves and with configuration items, from within the application.
This unique application will help you implement efficient service management processes in your organization that meet the needs of the modern enterprise. Use REALTECH vSIM to troubleshoot, detect dependencies, and utilize the information you gain to continuously optimize your processes.


Your Advantages

REALTECH vSIM allows you to take the quality of your service management to the next level:

  • Consolidated overview of all service components and their dependencies
  • Optimization and efficient modeling of services based on a thorough understanding of the existing service structure
  • When combined with SAP IT Infrastructure Management: visualization of relationships between infrastructure components across technical systems all the way down to the service in question

Simplified impact and root cause analysis: rapid identification and resolution of incidents and their underlying causes



Easy installation, easy handling:

  • Fiori-based user interface
  • Direct integration with SAP Solution Manager
  • Installed via transport
  • Easy integration with SAP IT Infrastructure Management

Product Video

See REALTECH vSIM in action.

Download Factsheet


Download Factsheet


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