theGuard! ServiceDesk

Service Operations Management in Line With ITIL


IT service management deals with the management of all processes in an IT organization that support the achievement of business goals. It brings together all methods and techniques to optimize IT processes.

Software tools are an effective way to support the implementation and management of IT processes and to significantly increase efficiency. Under one condition: They deliver IT-aligned processes out of the box without sacrificing the flexibility to map any business-specific processes.

What We Do for You

theGuard! ServiceDesk offers different modules for your incident, problem, change, and configuration management needs and enables you to successively introduce service operations management based on user acceptance. Its workflow engine allows you to tailor the individual modules to reflect your processes. ITIL functionality and insights from numerous customer projects make theGuard! ServiceDesk the perfect tool for service operations management.

The normalized CMDB that can be used as a central element in conjunction with the theGuard! ServiceDesk modules is the only one of its kind. It uses auto discovery to detect and record IT infrastructure elements and to store and maintain their normalized (standardized) information in the CMDB. Whether it is incident, change, configuration, service catalogue, or portfolio management, all of the different functional components in theGuard! family have access to CIs that are always up to date and automatically maintained. The ability to assign a status to CIs on demand makes it even easier to consistently assess processes.

Your Advantages

Short implementation periods and flexibility help increase user acceptance of the service desk, strengthening the position of the IT department throughout the company. Working with an automated and normalized CMDB means you have to invest less time and resources into your day-to-day operations while ensuring more visibility into your processes. This gives users a better understanding of what your IT organization does for them.

Development and Implementation of Service Operations Management

The application for theGuard! ServiceDesk can be quickly and easily adapted to existing processes and workflows. Companies looking to align their processes to ITIL standards get preinstalled workflows for their incident, problem, and change management from REALTECH. The workflows follow a modular design and make the definition of IT processes extremely flexible.


But the process workflows alone are not enough to quickly handle calls. What is more important is guaranteeing the availability of relevant information through a central interface. By combining theGuard! ServiceDesk with the normalized REALTECH CMDB, you get to access status information and performance data on components and systems from within the workflow.

This reduces the burden on the "single point of contact" for users, allowing it to respond faster to arising problems and incidents and to provide a reliable and secure platform for all change and configuration management processes.