Incident Management
for SAP

Rapid solutions need high quality data

The success of your Incident Management is measured by the response time of your supporters. After all, your customers and users expect their problems to be solved as quickly and easily as possible. Only a supporter who has all information and dependencies available at his fingertips can meet this demand.

With Incident Management software with SAP integration, we bring SAP know-how to your service desk. You benefit from in-depth information on ticket-level as well as AI-supported automation for fast resolution of SAP and non-SAP incidents.

Incident Management for SAP increases your response time in support.

You want to optimize your Incident Management for SAP? We are happy to assist!

IT Support meets SAP

Discover Incident Management for SAP

IT and SAP, in most companies these areas are strictly separated. However, when it comes to support, users don’t care who is responsible. They expect quick and uncomplicated help from a single source.

Incident Management for SAP brings SAP expertise to your service desk.

Incident Management for SAP

REALTECH Service Management provides essential SAP features, workflow automation and context sensitive UI.

Artificial Intelligence in ITSM

Not every incident must be solved by a human being. AI can simplify your workflows greatly.

Superior Data for your Support

With REALTECH’s CMDB you have your entire IT and SAP infrastructure at your fingertips.


Director SAP Solutions, REALTECH AG
“Our service management software with SAP integration is characterized by rapid implementation and intuitive usability. Time-consuming and expensive SAP consulting projects are no longer needed.”


Chief Operations Officer, REALTECH AG
“With our modular portfolio for integration and automation of SAP operations and ITSM processes, we create lasting advantages for SAP customers: significant time and cost savings, streamlined workflows, optimized services and overall increased customer satisfaction.”
Dr. Bernd Kapesser


Chief Executive Officer, REALTECH AG
“Our Software with SAP integration combines REALTECH’s unique know-how from more than 25 years in IT service management and SAP innovation. Our software products unite IT and SAP teams on a technological level and simplify cross-departmental collaboration.”
Daniele Di Croce