System integration
and Interface to SAP

The API to REALTECH SmartChange

Efficient integration of best-of-breed

Implement development processes across all systems

In order to meet individual and industry-specific requirements, heterogeneous IT landscapes are often unavoidable. Best-of-breed solutions are therefore widespread. However, the continuous maintenance and further development of these complex landscapes presents companies with major challenges.

Today, change and transport management across system boundaries is often laborious. Because it requires complex coordination processes between the different development teams. This significantly extends the time-to-market of new releases. At the same time, many manual work steps make the process very error-prone and holistic documentation proves difficult. An acceleration of release cycles and cross-system, comprehensible change management thus become a competitive advantage. Often the appropriate interfaces are missing to realize this effectively.

With the bi-directional interface to REALTECH SmartChange, you can enable end-to-end change management between SAP and non-SAP systems. At the same time, you benefit from a high degree of automation and a central dashboard for monitoring and reporting.

REALTECH SmartChange creates the foundation for cross-system continuous delivery and supports agile DevOps methods.

cross-system change management
Optimized work processes
holistic documentation
clear competitive advantage

REALTECH’s bi-directional interface

A clear path for your transports

With our bi-directional interface (API) to REALTECH SmartChange, you can open the boundaries between SAP and non-SAP applications. This paves the way for cross-system change and transport management.

Link your best-of-breed solution directly to the SAP system and use REALTECH SmartChange to ensure end-to-end, automated transport management between the two worlds.

Maximum automation eliminates human error sources and significantly shortens time-to-market. At the same time, you ensure traceable and audit-proof documentation – both in the SAP system and in the best-of-breed system.

Make new innovations available to users quickly and easily, while relieving your operating and development teams at the same time. Our interface between REALTECH SmartChange and your non-SAP systems helps you achieve this.

Overcoming system boundaries

Put an end to silo thinking and integrate your SAP and non-SAP systems with each other.

Automate Processes

Reduce manual work steps and eliminate human error sources.

Increase transparency

Benefit from our central dashboard and ensure complete documentation of your change processes.

agile cooperation

Improve collaboration across departmental boundaries and relieve your operational/development teams.

Our Partners

The API is already available on these platforms:

Siemens: Polarion ALM meets Smartchange

Together with our partner Siemens, we will show how process automation between the Siemens Polarion ALM and REALTECH SmartChange solutions for SAP can be achieved within the DevOps toolchain and what benefits users can realize. This makes it possible for the first time to carry out SAP and non-SAP projects as part of the DevOps process chain – right up to transport into the productive SAP system!

Webinar: SAP und ITSM verbinden

This webinar is only available in German language.

Video: Polarion ALM trifft SmartChange für SAP

This webinar is only available in German language.


Through automation, our customers were able to:

  • Reduce manual effort by up to 75%,
  • increase the quality of tests by up to 60% and
  • Reduce operational risks by up to 50%.

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