ITSM Solutions for optimized SAP Operations

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Cooperation between the IT department and SAP Basis is rarely easy. It is almost as if they speak different languages. By technically integrating your IT Service Management (ITSM) and SAP processes, you close the gap between the two worlds and promote cross-departmental collaboration.

By bringing SAP and ITSM together, you can minimize manual coordination, automate complex processes and avoid media discontinuities. The results are streamlined workflows, faster response times, optimized service delivery and overall higher customer satisfaction.

REALTECH Service Management

The Service Management Platform for SAP

Discover REALTECH Service Management, the service management platform for SAP customers. Thanks to its extensive monitoring and discovery capabilities, you have your entire IT and SAP infrastructure in view at the touch of a button. Additional SAP-specific features enable end-to-end change processes and exceptional support for your SAP users.

Discover our SAP Modules

Incident Management for SAP

Change Management for SAP

Configuration Management for SAP

ITSM for SAP – rapid implementation, intuitive usability

Innovations in SAP operations are usually accompanied by costly and consulting-intensive implementation projects, not so with REALTECH. Our software can be implemented quickly, is intuitive to use and can be easily integrated into existing infrastructures. Costly consulting projects are no longer necessary.

You want to optimize your services und processes for SAP? We are happy to assist!

Uniting ITSM and SAP – with REALTECH!

IT department and SAP Basis – in most companies, these two units are separated in terms of personnel and technology. However, both work towards the same goal: Growing business success and the ongoing optimization of digital services. So why separating them?

We are convinced: That’s not the way to go! With its innovative SAP-modules REALTECH provides intuitive and easy to implement software for seamless integration of ITSM processes and SAP operations. Unite ITSM with SAP, boost your services and increase time and cost efficiency.


Chief Operations Officer, REALTECH AG
“With our modular portfolio for integration and automation of SAP operations and ITSM processes, we create lasting advantages for SAP customers: significant time and cost savings, streamlined workflows, optimized services and overall increased customer satisfaction.”


Chief Executive Officer, REALTECH AG
“Software from RELATECH combines our unique know-how from more than 25 years in IT service management and SAP innovation. Our products unite IT and SAP teams on a technological level and simplify cross-departmental collaboration.”


Director SAP Solutions, REALTECH AG
“Our software for SAP and ITSM integration is characterized by rapid implementation and intuitive usability. Time-consuming and expensive SAP consulting projects are no longer needed.”

Automated processes

increased time and cost efficiency

optimized service delivery

higher customer satisfaction