SAP Enterprise Consulting

The REALTECH consulting team can help you translate industry and business requirements into practical business process and application solutions.  Our highly experienced consultants have strong business management experience - allowing us to bring a higher level of understanding and insight to your business.  


We have expertise related to applications, development and technology, providing you with the expertise and knowledge you need - for all of your SAP related requirements.


Bringing together systems, people and process

REALTECH’s philosophy is to share knowledge with our customers rather than building a dependency on us.  We focus on the achievement of your business goals, not the protection of our knowledge and skills.  It’s just a better way to work. 



REALTECH's Consulting Services

Your complete SAP Partner



Implementation & Solutions

Efficient implementation & effective project management


theGuard! SmartChange

Minimise risk and downtime                                       


SAP in der DNA

From planning to project for any migration demand

System Management

SAP Solution Manager Consulting

SAP system management in line with best practices


Understand the latest SAP solutions and how they fit with your business



Connect systems and businesses