mobility and integration

SAP Process Integration

Most businesses struggle with a complex environment of many different platforms and data repositories that require interaction – often including large legacy systems that are not cost effective to replace.


To handle such complexities SAP introduced Process Integration (SAP PI) - previously known as SAP Exchange Infrastructure (SAP XI.).  SAP PI provides a single point of integration for all systems.  It facilitates the exchange of information among a company's internal software and systems (SAP and non SAP) and those of external parties.

SAP PI mediates between entities with varying requirements in terms of connectivity, format, and protocols.  It can handle all types of data formats and convert them as required.

REALTECH provide SAP PI certified consultants that can design, configure and implement SAP PI to integrate all of your SAP and non SAP systems.

Solution Brief

SAP NetWeaver Process Integration for smooth scaling

Case Study

Connecting subsidiaries worldwide with SAP business one for stronger sales