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Enterprise Support Services


Trusted in New Zealand

REALTECH have built a strong reputation for efficient and reliable SAP support services in New Zealand.  Our local foundation clients, from 1997, are still with us today and many of this country’s leading organisations now place their trust in us.


Nothing beats skill and experience

With REALTECH support you’ll have access to a network of around 50 SAP consultants in New Zealand and over 450 worldwide.  They offer advanced technical capability and real-world business experience.


Comprehensive, cost-effective support with great response times

REALTECH provide highly experienced and reliable support for a wide range of SAP solutions – and as a large number of organisations are already benefitting from our 24x7 support, we have the economies of scale required to offer you a service that won’t break your budget.

Our support services are entirely in-house, so you can rely on superior response times, direct accountability and competitive pricing options.

We’ll work with you to design a support service that meets your requirements. This could include:

  • Access to our 24x7 0800 help desk – based in New Zealand.
  • Problem logging and resolution by email.
  • Regular scheduled system health checks.
  • Periodic reporting of issues, recommendations and actions.
  • On-site visits by one of our consultants or a longer-term placement in your organisation.
  • SAP Solution Manager configuration  
    • Remote delivery of support, fault diagnosis and resolution.
    • Regular scheduled system health checks.
    • 24x7 automated monitoring with alerts, which can be sent directly to us.  Alerts are sent over both main telco carriers with a two level escalation process.
    • REALTECH also provide SAP Solution Manager Roadmap Expert Guided Sessions


Comprehensive Training

REALTECH is equipped to run SAP training.  Following initial education sessions for new implementations, we can provide on-going induction training as new employees arrive.  The training can be technical and / or functional and can be one-to-one or in groups.


Your complete SAP Partner