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SAP Test Data Migration Server

SAP Test Data Migration Server (SAP TDMS) is a solution that helps you to create lean and consistent development, testing, quality assurance, and training environments based on real business data.

Our experienced consultants can help you implement and support SAP TDMS software to test and validate your IT systems.  You will be able to easily create non production environments and extract relevant business data for IT testing, developments and upgrades.

As a result, you will be able to minimise your infrastructure and maintenance expenses, maximise the effectiveness and accuracy of your non-production systems, and realise critical operational advantages:

  • Reduce disk space by decreasing the data volume in your development, test, quality assurance, and training systems.
  • Improve the quality of development and training activities by using business-relevant and up-to-date test data.
  • Enhance security of data used in test environment by randomising the data to protect potentially sensitive data, while maintaining the data structures to ensure test relevance.
  • Increase development efficiency by reducing the administrative efforts and time required to manage your development and test systems.
  • Simulate new business situations in your test environments using up-to-date data before making critical business decisions.

Solution Brief

SAP TDMS Creating High Quality Test Systems


Setting up test landscapes efficiently, cost-effectively