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February 22, 2016 previous

REALTECH with a clear focus on enterprise service management

Digitization of Service Processes

Walldorf, February 22, 2016 – REALTECH, a long standing SAP technology partner, is realigning itself and focusing its attention on enterprise service management (ESM) in response to the growing impact of digitization. As part of this effort, REALTECH is planning to continuously modernize its product and service portfolio. Its objective is to take its offering to the next level and to make strategic investments in order to take an active role in shaping the future of the ESM market in Germany. With its deep technology expertise and modern software tools, REALTECH is one of the leading IT service management players. REALTECH gives its customers the opportunity to automate the way they integrate the worlds of technology and service.

"The accelerating pace of digitization is bringing IT, business, and technology ever closer together," said REALTECH Managing Director and head of the product division Peter Weisbach in commenting on the company's realignment. "Allowing companies to take an integrated approach to these fields means allowing them to make the right decisions ahead of time. This adds new relevance to the availability of end-to-end, standardized processes that are automated to the maximum extent possible. And this is where our enterprise service management offering comes into play."

Dr. Bernd Kappesser, the company's Managing Director in charge of sales, adds: "Mid-market decision makers in particular are approaching us to seek support in their projects involving Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, and predictive data analytics. We already have the technological capabilities needed to automatically capture, analyze, and provide data on individual devices, applications, and complex IT landscapes – for example for monitoring, reporting or troubleshooting purposes, but also for predictive data analytics. And we offer the process expertise and tools needed to model and monitor services and manage infrastructures."

In order to transfer its IT service management expertise to the field of enterprise service management while being able to respond to customer requirements in a faster and more standardized fashion, REALTECH will continuously develop its existing products and services and combine them with new developments to create a streamlined, standardized and modular portfolio.

The first innovation: an SAP Solution Manager add-on

As a long standing SAP technology partner, REALTECH will also systematically develop its existing SAP-centric products and services in keeping with its orientation towards enterprise service management. Recently, REALTECH showcased its latest innovation at the 2016 DSAG Technology Days, a signature event hosted by the German-speaking SAP user group: The first SAP Solution Manager add-on to deliver a single-pane-of-glass graphical view of business services and technology components and their relationships.

What's more, REALTECH's technology expertise in data capture and visualization will also be available to companies that rely on third-party solutions for their IT and enterprise service management needs.

"Our new strategic approach allows us to assist companies in their transition to the era of enterprise service management and help them prepare for, and benefit from, the market shifts brought about by digitization," concludes Peter Weisbach.