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March 29, 2016 previous

REALTECH to expand its U.S. presence

SAP technology partner continues its strategic realignment

Walldorf, March 29, 2016 – As part of its realignment plan, REALTECH is looking to expand its U.S. presence. REALTECH aims to build on its many years of technology partnership with SAP SE to increase its share of the U.S. market. In order to further optimize its target markets the company also sold its Portuguese subsidiary.

The expansion of its U.S. business is part of a plan to realign the company to further embrace enterprise service management. To this end, REALTECH will continue to develop its product and consulting portfolio, make targeted investments, and position itself for maximum efficiency in its business operations. REALTECH's Managing Director Peter Weisbach points out: "Our U.S. business is our company's second-largest market. This, along with our many years of experience as an SAP technology partner, is an excellent starting point to further expand our U.S. operations. Companies that are already among our customers in Germany, will now benefit even more from our extensive expertise in everything SAP overseas." Seven REALTECH employees at the company's Malvern, Pennsylvania location are currently providing consulting services to customers on the U.S. East Coast.

In its push to strategically realign its business towards more profitability, REALTECH also sold its Portuguese subsidiaries effective March 1. The subsidiary, however, will continue its cooperation with REALTECH to serve the Portuguese market in its name.

The U.S. market holds great opportunity for REALTECH products

REALTECH feels the U.S. market represents a great opportunity for its products. "Our portfolio helps companies get more efficient use out of their SAP systems. Our relationship with SAP makes us the ideal partner for companies seeking to follow SAP on its path to innovation – in line with their unique business needs and realities," sums up Weisbach.

REALTECH offers process expertise and solutions for SAP Solution Manager, such as SAP IT Infrastructure Management, a solution developed jointly by REALTECH and SAP that transforms SAP Solution Manager into a centralized IT management platform. The company recently presented its latest innovation: vSIM is an add-on that, for the first time ever, delivers a single-pane-of-glass graphical view of business services and technology components and their relationships from within SAP Solution Manager.

Other successful solutions for the SAP ecosystem include REALTECH's theGuard! SmartChange line of products, which is designed to secure and optimize change and transport management processes, and the REALTECH Assessment Services, which allow companies to compare the performance of their SAP systems with that of other systems on the market. All of REALTECH's SAP-related solutions cater to the process view that is of critical importance to U.S. businesses.